100% Natural Handmade Sandals/Slippers for Men and Ladies - Hand Woven Water Hyacinth - Knitted Style &hellip - B07C16LY22

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  • COMFY & CLEAN - These natural handmade slippers are super comfortable and light. Not only that but the wonderfully hand woven water hyacinth doesn’t hold on to dust other bits that can have regular fabric slippers looking and smelly not so nice. Also a comfy width of about 3.5 inches (approximate and will form to foot)

  • HANDMADE & HEALTHY - An artisan carefully weaved these slippers by hand. Each one is a work of wearable art. Gaia Guy natural sandals are made from sun-dried water hyacinth with no chemicals, glues or other toxins that might be absorbed through your feet.

  • BIODEGRADABLE & BEAUTIFUL - These are gorgeous slippers for lounging around the house or even in the most lavish spa. Pamper your tootsies they way mother nature intended. Get another pair and simply compost your well-loved pair of Gaia Guy slippers. You don’t have to worry about adding more plastic to the world.

  • SUSTAINABLE & SOCIAL SATISFACTION - Water Hyacinth grows rampantly in areas of Thailand and can choke bodies of water. By removing the overgrowth the river benefits and the artisans who craft these get a right livelihood and you get some gorgeous sustainable slippers. Triple bottom line.

  • EVERYONE-FRIENDLY - All inhabitants of the earth can feel good about these all natural handmade slippers. This is a positive purchase. From the reusable hemp bag which is also biodegradable to the eco-fashion fabulou water hyacinth slippers that your feet will love. It’s time to click add to cart and enjoy!

  • Sustainable slippers are sole good! You get a totally natural and handmade slipper that allows you to walk comfortably on the earth while leaving no toxic or plastic footprint.

    Yes, get a chance to help local artisans in Thailand continue to earn a living from the land while actually improving the waterways of Thailand at the same time. 

    A few more reasons to click "Add To Cart"

    - Super comfy, light and this natural material stays odor free.

    - All natural and toxin free. No chemicals at all just dried water hyacinth. 

    - Best sustainable lounge slippers ever. Spot clean if necessary and air/sun dry.

    - You get a handmade good, the artisans in Thailand help their rivers and their families and Mother Earth says thank you to both for putting your purchasing power to a positive product.

    - Biodegradable slipper and even the bag it comes in is made from hemp. 

    100% Natural Handmade Sandals/Slippers for Men and Ladies - Hand Woven Water Hyacinth - Knitted Style &hellip - B07C16LY22

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